Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Truest Gift Guide

It is a truth universally well known that if you haven't read 'Truest' yet, you are probably a very sad person. I hope you can remedy that for the holidays. But if you have read 'Truest' then here is just the shopping guide you will need this Christmas season! 

Owl Shirt Grammar Shirt Who Whom Men's Shirt Men's T-Shirt English Teacher Gift for Teachers Editor Cool Funny T Shirt Man Typography Tshirt
1. Sarcastic T Shirts
I have a feeling that Silas would totally wear a shirt like this

2. Car Cleaning Kit
Some of Silas' best moments were said in the back of a car while cleaning with West. A list would be incomplete without this! 

Antique Poetry Books - Instant Collection - Shelley Tennyson Montgomery - English - Small Green Decorative Binding Victorian Modern Classics
3. Poetry
Silas is an excellent poet and West enjoys it too. For this, I had trouble limiting myself to just one idea! Check out THIS print of e.e. cummings or some antique poetry books

I love Minnesota Mug
4. I Heart MN Anything
Because, let's face it, MN rocks! 'Truest' is set in MN by an MN author and loved by this MN girl :)

Truest | Jackie Lea Sommers:
5. This as a print
This would be awesome to have, even as a bookmark. Send it along with a hardcover copy of the book and make someone smile this holiday! 

Darth Vader Standee
Get yourself one step closer to Silas' bedroom ;)

Chunky wool blanket, Knit Blanket, Chunky knitted blanket, Wool Throw, Throw Blanket, Wool, Merino Blanket, Chunky yarn, Knitting
7. Throw Blanket
What stargazing, rooftop experience would be complete without a comfy, chunky throw blanket to snuggle under??

Vintage Halston Italian Silk Tie Olive/Taupe/Burgundy
8. Vintage Tie
So Silas. Catching a Silas theme here??

Vintage Puma Windbreaker Jacket Teal Magenta Black Purple Geometric 90s Running Ladies MEDIUM Large
9. 90's Jacket
Because Silas IS that awkward

Radio, vintage radio, antique radio, French vintage radio, European radio, French antique radio
10. Vintage Radio
West would totally have an old vintage radio. I just love THIS one I found on Etsy! 

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