Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Donuts to 2015

Well, my 2015 has gotten off to a rocky start. Sickness, computer viruses, super cold temps, ANOTHER flat tire, adorable disobedient daughters...cabin fever beginning to set in. Enter the picture of these donuts. I ate these in 2014. They were delicious, they were random, they were steeped in good conversation.

May your New Year be blessed with bountiful, delicious food.

May your New Year see random, beautiful opportunities.

May your New Year be overflowing with conversations that bless your heart.

May your New Year be like donuts.


  1. I hope things smooth out quickly! In the meanwhile, time to eat donuts? :)

  2. And now I really want to eat donuts! I'm so sorry to hear about how rocky the first two weeks have been (I'm right there with you, feeling like crap ugh!), but maybe it's like rain on your wedding meaning good luck?

  3. Hmm that is a positive spin that I will grab a hold of!